Liposomal Supplements

Liposomal Supplements

Millions of Americans take over-the-counter supplements everyday, yet many of us do not know if they are working. Think about the last time you purchased a multivitamin or Vitamin C. Did taking these supplements change your health for better, in a noticeable way? Liposomal supplements are nano-sized bubbles with an outer shell composed of healthy lipids that act as delivery vehicles for transporting vitamins and minerals. This allows liposomal supplements to bypass stomach acid and provide effective delivery to your body.

How does it work?

Liposomal Technology works by engulfing and protecting vitamins, nutrients and botanical extracts, making more of the active compound available in the intestines and reducing potential gastrointestinal discomfort. Liposomal delivery technology has been demonstrated to significantly increase the absorption of nutrients and provide superior bioavailability.

B Vitamins

B-12 is present in many food sources (mainly animal-based), where it is bound to the protein molecules in that food. Vitamin B-12 is separated from the protein during digestion and is absorbed into the bloodstream. Adequate stomach acid is required to release the vitamin from the protein, and a substance called intrinsic factor is necessary to ensure its absorption. People who are unable to absorb vitamin B-12 properly may have pernicious anemia which is a type of anemia characterized by a lack of intrinsic factor. B-12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in many functions in the body, including:

  • DNA synthesis
  • energy production
  • nerve cell health
  • red blood cell formation
  • neurological function


SupplementWhat it doesWhy you need it
B- Complex – B1(thiamine) B2(Riboflavin) B3(Niacin) B5(Pantothenic Acid) B6(Pyridoxine) B7(Biotin) B9(Folate)Supports nervous system, energy production, glucose/fat/protein metabolism,  and red blood cell formation.To supplement converting food into fuel in your body, increase energy, promote healthy skin, nails and hair.
Vitamin C – Ascorbic AcidSupports your immune system, contributes to wound healing, helps absorb iron, and assists with forming collagen. It is an antioxidant and protects against toxins like pollution and aids in fighting viral and bacterial infections.Your body does not create Vitamin C, requiring adequate ingestion. This helps Immune support fortifies skin, hair, bones, and blood vessels, and supports energy levels and mood
CalciumCalcium fortifies your bones and aid in muscle movement, supports cardiovascular and nervous function.Increase strength of bone, aids in recovery after exercise
CopperRegulates energy production, iron metabolism and connective tissues health. Component of several antioxidantsIncreased energy, Immune support, Osteoporosis /Alzheimer’s prevention
ChromiumSupports glucose metabolism through insulin enhancementIncreases muscle mass
D3Increases bone density, provides energy,immune support and cognitive support.Vitamin D boosts your energy levels, protects your bones and brain, while reducing your risk of cancer. If you work from home or see the sun infrequently you may be deficient. Many patients benefit from liposomal or IM injections of Vitamin D.

Master antioxidant in the bodyProtects eyes, Anti-aging, antioxidant and detoxifier
MagnesiumEnergy production, protein synthesis, cell singling, bone strengthMuscle cramps, decreases insulin resistance, supports bone health 
ManganeseAntioxidant in mitochondria, metabolism of carbohydrates/amino acids/cholesterol, aids on collagen production and promotes bone healthSupports bone health and growth, reproductive hormones, improved glucose metabolism
SeleniumWorks synergistically with Vitamin C, promotes antioxidant protectionReduce oxidative stress, immune support, cancer prevention
ZincSupports immune system, neurologic and reproductive systemsSupport immune system, prevent colds, eye health, supports sperm count

Amino Acids

Amino AcidsWhat it doesWhy you need it
L- ArginineHelps build protein in body, improved blood flow through Nitric oxideReduce blood pressure, Increased blood flow to muscles, Improve sexual function in men and stimulates growth hormone
L- CarnitineTurns fat into energy, supports heart, brain and muscle functionBurn fat, fatigue resistance, improved workout recovery, increased testosterone
L- GlutamineHelps build muscle, prevent infections, improve healing and improves brain healthImprove workouts, increase muscle mass, fight fatigue and reduce recovery time.
L- LysineDecrease frequency of herpes outbreaks, increases calcium absorption, reduces gut inflammation.Reduce herpes outbreaks, increase bone strength, improve gut health and decrease anxiety 
L- ProlinePrevents hardening of the arteries, improves skin strength, and reduces time for tissue repairImprove heart health, improve appearance of skin and scars or blemishes.
L- TaurineAntioxidant, reduces cholesterol, increases blood flow to musclesIncrease muscle size and “pump”, reduce inflammation, prevent seizures and im

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