This rich and velvety cream is certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife. It is enriched with antioxidant and moisturizing anti-wrinkle ingredients which helps maintain the elasticity of the skin, smoothes wrinkles including expression lines and fights their appearance, and may reverse the signs of aging and delay its appearance

This can result in perfectly hydrated and protected skin against external aggressions. Wrinkles and signs of aging seem visibly reduced and you should notice the skin will have a firmer, smoother and younger appearance.

  • Botox 50u and 100u Vials – We come to you for in-home botox service. Don’t think you will need all 100 units? Grab a friend or two and split the vial. Call for more information 720-541-9570

  • GHK-Cu Topical Hair Foam (50ml) 5mg/ml

  • Minoxidil / Azeliac Acid / Tretinoin / Progesterone / Finasteride Topical Hair Foam (30ml) 5% / 1/5% / 0.0025% / 0.25% / 0.1%

  • Zinc Thymulin Topical Hair Foam (50ml) 50mcg/ml

  • Zinc Thymulin / GHK-Cu Hair Dropper (30ml) 10mcg/5mg/ml

  • Zinc Thymulin / GHK-Cu Hair Foam (50ml) 10mcg/5mg/ml

  • Zinc Thymulin / GHK-Cu Hair Dropper (30ml) 50mcg/5mg/ml

  • Zinc Thymulin / GHK-Cu Hair Foam (50ml) 50mcg/5mg/ml

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