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How does AOD-9604 work? AOD-9604 is a human growth hormone (HGH) fragment that instructs your body to burn more fat, increase metabolism, and release fat cells. This helps you drop weight without altering your diet.

What is the dose of AOD-9604? 300mcg daily subQ injection or 500mcg daily troche


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AOD-9604 (Advanced Obesity Drug) is a synthetic peptide fragment that comprises a modified 15 amino acid region of GH with a tyrosine component to help stabilize the molecule. It was originally developed by Professor Frank Ng at Monash University in Australia, with the intent of finding an anti-obesity drug that had the fat burning effects of human growth hormone (HGH) without the muscle-building effect. Like GH, AOD9604 aids weight reduction in rodent models of obesity and was originally developed for the treatment of obesity in humans. Additionally, it does not stimulate the production of IGF-1, has positive effects on the differentiation of adipose mesenchymal stem cells into bone, and was found to promote proteoglycan and collagen production in isolated bovine chondrocytes in an in vitro study. Its positive effects include promoting the repair of bone and cartilage in cases of osteoarthritis.


  • AOD-9604 / Ipamorelin – 300/300mcg Troche
  • AOD-9604 / Ipamorelin / CJC-1295 300/300/200mcg Troche
  • AOD-9604 1200mcg/ml 5ml vial
  • AOD-9604 1000mcg + Hyaluronic Acid 10mg/mL 4ml vial
  • AOD-9604 500mcg Troche  #30
  • AOD-9604 600mcg Troche #30
  • AOD-9604 Cream 600mcg/ml 30g
  • AOD-9604 Cream 0.2% (2mg), BPC-157 0.2% (2mg), GHK-Cu 0.2% (2mg/mL) 15ml and 30ml
  • AOD-9604 Cream 0.2% (2mg) + BPC-157 0.2% (2mg/mL) 15ml and 30ml
  • AOD-9604 Cream 500mcg, Aminophylline 2500mcg, Glycryrrhetinic Acid 500mcg/mL 15ml and 30ml


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AOD-9604 / Ipamorelin 300/300mcg Capsule #30, AOD-9604 / Ipamorelin / CJC-1295 300/300/200mcg Capsule #30, AOD-9604 500mcg Troche #30, AOD-9604 600mcg Troche #30, AOD-9604 600mcg/ml 10ml vial, AOD-9604 Cream 600mcg/ml 30g, AOD-9604 Cream 0.2% (2mg), BPC-157 0.2% (2mg), GHK-Cu 0.2% (2mg/mL) 15ml, AOD-9604 Cream 0.2% (2mg), BPC-157 0.2% (2mg), GHK-Cu 0.2% (2mg/mL) 30ml, AOD-9604 Cream 0.2% (2mg) + BPC-157 0.2% (2mg/mL) 15ml, AOD-9604 Cream 0.2% (2mg) + BPC-157 0.2% (2mg/mL) 30ml, AOD-9604 Cream 500mcg, Aminophylline 2500mcg, Glycryrrhetinic Acid 500mcg/mL 15ml, AOD-9604 Cream 500mcg, Aminophylline 2500mcg, Glycryrrhetinic Acid 500mcg/mL 30ml


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