BEG Nasal Spray

BEG Nasal Spray

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BEG nasal spray is an potent way to remove biofilm-forming MARCoNS in the sinus cavity. BEG nasal spray’s has three active ingredients,   Bactroban and Gentamicin, two power antibiotics. The EDTA dissolves the biofilm coating, clearing the way for a direct attack by the topical antibiotics. This combination nasal spray is also used for treating mold toxicity and other environmentally acquired illnesses.

THE INITIAL CONSULTATION IS REQUIRED BEFORE PURCHASE. CLIENTS WHO REQUEST A REFUND AFTER PURCHASING AND BEFORE REQUIRED CONSULT WILL HAVE A 20% SERVICE FEE CHARGE. I understand that Mobile Care Health does not offer refunds on compounded medications once they have been sent to the pharmacy for compounding. I also understand compounding takes an estimated 1-3 weeks. I understand cold peptides are shipped via UPS Next Day Air and require a signature upon arrival. I also understand that the medication must be kept cold and that if the medication is left outside for an extended period in heat, the medication will not work. I also agree to place the medication in the refrigerator immediately upon arrival. Mobile Care requires and includes insurance for theft and lost packages. Mobile Care does not reimburse for late packages or missed deliveries.

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