Concierge Medicine Visit

Earn up to 1,000 Mobile Care Rewards.$79.00$1,000.00

If you need Mobile Urgent Care in the Denver metro area, please text “Urgent Care” to 719-356-5410 or call 720-541-9570.

Concierge Urgent Care in Denver. Not feeling well and ready for Telehealth or an in-person visit? We offer Mobile Urgent Care in the Denver metro area and telehealth services in 38 states. We bring an entire medical office to you, labs, testing, prescriptions, and medications to treat you at your home, office, or hotel room, without the hassle or wait.

Concierge Mobile Urgent Care 


  • Tele-Health Visit $79.00
  • Tele-Health Visit 8 pm to midnight $99.00
  • Tele-Health Visit midnight to 8 am $149.00

All Visits Include The First Hour

Urgent Care 8am-8pm

  • Urgent Care Visit <15 miles of 80206 $600
  • Urgent Care Visit 16-25 miles of 80206 $ 650
  • $150/hour

Urgent Care 8pm-Midnight

  • Urgent Care Visit <15 miles of 80206 $700
  • Urgent Care Visit 16-25 miles of 80206 $800
  • $175/hr

Urgent Care Midnight-8am

  • Urgent Care Visit <15 miles of 80206 $1000
  • Urgent Care Visit 16-25 miles of 80206 $1200
  • $200/hr


  • Includes rapid tests, respiratory testing, EKG, basic labs on site, additional routine labs sent for processing, IV fluids, IV with vitamins and minerals, antibiotics, IV nausea medication, and prescriptions if indicated.
  • Not included: specialty labs, X-rays, oxygen rental, and custom IV therapy
  • We handle most urgent care issues; please call 720-541-9570 to ensure we can help.
  • All urgent care visits require a hold for the cost of the visit before we head to your location.


What Makes Us Different?

We listen to you. Seriously. We want to know about your mental and physical healthcare goals. Then we create a plan together that works for you with modern and functional medicine. You know your body best, we help you achieve the results you want to see. We bring supplements and functional medicine to you, with access to >20,000 supplements and hundreds of peptides and alternative therapies. Our plan is to help you achieve your goals and maximize your performance in the gym, bedroom, relationships, and work. Give us a call to get started today!


TeleHealth Visit, TeleHealth Visit 8 pm-midnight, TeleHealth Visit Midnight to 8 am, Urgent Care Visit, Urgent Care Visit 8 pm to midnight, Urgent Care Visit midnight to 8 am


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