COVID Treatment Infusions

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Please call 720-541-950 for an in-home infusion booking. 

Mobile Care provides fast and friendly COVID treatment from the comfort of your home. If you test positive for COVID we can provide Monoclonal Antibodies for infusion at your home. Currently, we have one monoclonal therapy available which is Bebtelovimab. The infusion process is simple and safe. We start an IV and infuse the monoclonal therapy, followed by an hour observation period. The whole process takes about 2 hours to complete, all with excellent medical professionals. Interested in IV therapy with or without monoclonal Rx, we have you covered with high-dose glutathione and our Immune Stimulus IV.


  • Infusion services – Bebtelovimab $949
  • RT-PCR Testing – Real-Time – PCR results in 30 minutes $249
  • COVID IV Therapy – 2 Grams Glutathione, followed by our Immune Stimulus IV – $325
Testing or Treatment

Monoclonal Infusion, RT-PCR Testing


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