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Welcome to modern performance coaching for your body and your goals. Ready to maximise performance, drop COVID weight, and achieve your fitness and health goals? We are here to help with data driven coaching. We harness the power of Whoop© and Withings© to bring your data in front of medical professional who understands the data, athletes, nutrition, peptides and functional medicine. We set up your devices and schedule monthly tele-health visits to reach your goals.

How does it work?

We provide you with a Whoop 4.0 band and all the gear to get you started. What does Whoop track? Glad you asked.

  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Sleep Quality
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Strain and Recovery Calculations

We also provide a Withings scale and blood pressure cuff, both devices send your data securely into your electronic medical record. This allows your performance coach to track your progress, adjust your plan and reach your health and fitness goals together.

Labs and comprehensive lab review. Have you ever been told your labs are in the normal range and everything is fine? Yeah, me too, and while the numbers may be in the “normal range” we treat people not lab values. We want you to understand what labs we draw, why and how they relate to optimizing your performance. Every 4 months we will drop your home or office for labs that help us adjust your diet, supplements and exercise to meet your performance goals.

  • Complete Blood Cell Count
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Thyroid Panel
  • Lipid Panel
  • Iron Panel
  • Vitamins D3, B12 and Folate

Performance Coaching aligns with our Peptide Club perfectly to meet your goals.  Are you ready to reduce your recovery time, add muscle, lean out, add thicker hair, loose weight, boost your testosterone, improve sleep, crush the WOD, and or crush the bedroom. We want to help you with all your goals. We have a long list of peptides that get shipped to your door, and we work with you to customize a plan to meet your goals. If you are serious about getting back in shape and maximizing performance, Mobile Cares’ Peptide Club will help by providing tele-health and discounts to members. You save 20% on all peptides, expedited service and free shipping, and the option to include labs 3 times/ year.

Peptide Club Denver

  • Standard Membership: 20% Discount, 30-minute monthly tele-health, and free shipping
  • Premium Membership: 20% Discount, 30-minute monthly tele-health, free shipping and labs every 4 months



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