Improve Performance With Food Sensitivity Testing

Are you sensitive?

How do you know when the foods you eat are not doing their job? How can you maximize your performance at work, in the gym, in bed, in relationships, and in your mental health? These are questions that may hold the key to unlocking the potential of our bodies. We eat food that tastes good and is, hopefully healthy. Many of us experience plateaus in all aspects of life. When we hit these roadblocks we look for medications, alterations in lifestyle, and or routine to bypass this plateau. We often fail to ask how well is the food I am eating working for my goals and my body?

Food Testing

People are quick to point out that they are sensitive to a particular food, especially when ordering in a restaurant. How do you know that you are sensitive to sweet potatoes for example. In order to test your theory, you would need to remove everything from your diet and slowly add back in foods. This is difficult, time-consuming and most people do not have the patience for this process. The easier method is to test your body through a blood draw and saliva to see if you are sensitive to a food, additive, or mold. This is commonly referred to as a food allergy, however, this is really a food sensitivity or inflammatory change that is detected.


The CMA (Cellular Micronutrient Assay) directly measures the effect of specific micronutrients. This test includes >200 individual items, including Vitamin, Minerals, Amino Acids, Other Nutrients, Botanicals, Plant Extracts, Pigments, Phytonutrients, Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory Nutrients, Fatty Acids, and Enzymes. This test shows what nutrients you are deficient in allows targeted supplementation. Instead of spending money on supplements you do not need, wouldn’t you rather know what your body actually needs? This also helps us detect absorption issues. Maybe you are taking a supplement, but not reaping the benefits because your body is not absorbing or not converting that mineral or vitamin into a usable form?

Why Test

You may not realize that a particular food or group of foods is preventing you from reaching your goals and maximizing performance. Our bodies are dependent on the fuel we provide daily, with so many options it is difficult to know how well our body will use a particular fuel. Avocado toast may be holding you back if it increases inflammation. This is at the core of why testing is necessary to improve the efficiency of your body’s burn rate.

How We Test

We test with a simple blood draw and a cheek swab that collects saliva. The whole process takes 15 minutes and can be done from the comfort of your home or office. Next we send off your labs and call you when the results return in 7-10 days. Speciality testing takes time! We sit down with you in-person or over a zoom session to review your results and discuss how to implement changes and track progress. We have several options, including our comprehensive and platinum panels with 250 and 370 items respectively. Contact us today to get started!

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