Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivity testing allows you to put the right fuel in your body. Have you ever wondered why you performance has plateaued or if your body is allergic or sensitive to certain food. The food you feed your body may not be processed very well or you may just be sensitive to certain foods. These foods are holding you back from a healthier lifestyle, loosing weight, and or improving athletic performance. Food sensitivity testing is difficult to complete on your own. In order to test if you are sensitive to yams, you would need to stop eating all foods and only eat yams to see how your body processes the yam. This just does not make good sense. We offer comprehensive food sensitivity testing from the comfort of your home. We have multiple panels, including vegetarian, 25o/320/370 item panels that cover apples to yams and everything in between. We come to you for testing that is fast and easy. Next we send off your samples to a speciality lab for processing. Results return within a week and we sit down with you in-person or virtually to discuss.

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