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We work with your hormones ladies based on where you are in life. We start with lab work and self-evaluation of common symptoms related to a lack of hormones. We see you 3 times a year, not including follow-up lab work. Women have a smaller dose of testosterone and may need estradiol. Both of these are small absorbable pellets implanted every 3-4 months. We know you have questions about BHRT. Click on the button below to download more information.

All plans start with a free consult. After your phone consult, we meet you for labs or you may submit your own labs if they are within the last 3 months. Next, we come to your home or office for the placement of testosterone/estradiol pellets. You will be required to have follow-up labs through us or another provider. Choose a plan that works best for you below. If you are receiving BHRT from another provider please email or call. Our consults take place virtually over a secure HIPAA-compliant platform.

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