Just PrEP

Just PrEP

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All Plans Include

  • We want to hear about what you do when the bedroom door closes and reduce your risk of HIV & STI’s
  • Telehealth visits with your provider
  • Rx for Doxy PrEP
  • 15% Discount on STI Treatment and Expedited partner treatment (EPT). We know it happens, and we want everyone to get treated as soon as possible. We provide same-day or next-day treatment in your home or office.


Oral Prep in Denver Includes 

  • Mobile lab draws every 3 months, including urine testing for STDs
  • Your PrEP Rx to your local pharmacy
  • Patients outside of Denver will complete labs at a nearby LabCorp location

Injectible Prep in Denver Includes 

  • We work with your insurance for approval
  • Rapid HIV and syphilis testing before each injection
  • Labs for Kidney and liver function every 4 months
  • Urine testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia four times per year

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