Methylene Blue

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Methylene blue is being prescribed for COVID patients as a potential treatment. MB decreases inflammatory response and increases intracellular energy. This limits the symptoms of the diseases and intends to reduce fatigue associated with long-haul COVID (LHCS). There is limited data on the treatment of LHCS. Contact us for a phone consult.

Methylene blue for COVID treatment. Methylene blue (MB) is a dye that was first developed to stain and inactivate certain microbes. In 1891 it was used for malaria treatment, and since has been used for multiple different diseases. Over the past 2 years, MB has been studied in COVID patients. It decreases the production of reactionary oxygen species (ROS). MB inhibits the binding of the viral spike (S) protein (glycoprotein) with angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptors initiates SARS-CoV infection of host cells. This reduces the replication of the virus. In COVID long haulers (LHC) MB reduces the cyclic inflammatory response and increases intracellular energy.


  • Methylene Blue Infusion
  • Methylene Blue & NAD+ Infusion Package
  • Methylene Blue Capsules 25mg or 50mg #60
  • Methylene Blue Vitamin C Capsules 5mg/75mg and 10mg/75mg #60

Limited data is available on Methylene Blue for COVID and current treatment is focused on symptoms with multiple different medications and supplements. There is no guarantee that the treatment offered by Mobile Care or any provider will reduce or cure long-haul COVID. Please call or book a consult online.



Methylene Blue Infusion, Methylene Blue & NAD+ Infusion Package , Methylene Blue Capsules 10mg #60, Methylene Blue Capsules 25mg #60, Methylene Blue Capsules 50mg #60, Methylene Blue Vitamin C Capsules 5mg/75mg #60, Methylene Blue Vitamin C Capsules 10mg/75mg #60


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