Synapsin RG3 Nasal Spray

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Synapsin is the nasal spray of NAD+, providing energy without the injections!

How does synapsin work? Synapsin works by increasing the levels of NAD in your cells. This plus vitamin B12 or methylated vitamin B12 help fatigue and brain fog dissipate. Synapsin with Alpha-GPC provides the same energy boost with more focus on reducing brain fog.

What is the dose of Synapsin? All formulations are dosed with 1-2 nasal sprays either once or twice daily. We recommend morning and mid-afternoon.


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Synapsin is an innovative, patent-pending powder blend of ginsenoside Rg3 and nicotinamide riboside (NAD) along with components to aid in solubilization and dispersion. It supports NAD+ production and is designed for the support of neurological health and cognitive health. Synapsin was invented by renowned author, pharmacist and functional medicine speaker Jim LaValle, RPh, CCN, ND, and is commonly used in combination with methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin in formulations to support neuronal function and cognition.


  • Synapsin RG3 (2mg) / Nicotinamide Riboside (50mg) Nasal Spray 15ml and 30ml Bottle
  • Synapsin 100mg/ml and Methylcobalamin 2mg/ml Nasal Spray 7.5ml and 15ml Bottle
  • Synapsin 100mg/ml / Methylcobalamin 2mg/ml / Alpha GPC 75mg/ml Nasal Spray 7.5ml and 15ml Bottle

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Synapsin RG3 15ml, Synapsin RG3 30ml, Synapsin/Methylcobalamin 7.5ml, Synapsin/Methylcobalamin 15ml, Synapsin/Methylcobalamin/Alpha GPC 7.5ml, Synapsin/Methylcobalamin 15ml, Synapsin/Methylcobalamin/Alpha GPC 15ml


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