Refund Policy

In the event that a package or series of treatments has begun, these services will be considered to have been rendered even though the full series may not have been completed. Rendered services include formal telephone, virtual, and or in-person consult, as well as any procedures.

Mobile Care, LLC offers goods and services that are irrevocable. Therefore, we do not issue refunds for any product or service that has been injected or used in your treatment. In consenting to be treated, it is important that clients understand and accept this condition.
Peptide formulations are made for each individual patient. Once an order for peptides has been submitted and sent for compounding no refunds are available.

Mobile Care requires shipping insurance for all peptides. Insurance protects against lost or stolen packages. Mobile Care is not responsible for late packages or missed deliveries.

Refund Policy

Mobile Care, LLC does not offer a refund for the initial $99 consult. Patients may reschedule this consult once.

Clients who request a refund and have not had a consult will be refunded 80% of the purchase price. 

Clients who request a refund and have not had a follow up in the last 90 days will be refunded 80% of the purchase price. 

Subscription policies

Monthly Subscriptions

  • Deposits for subscriptions are non-refundable after 10 days from the purchase date or once any service has been rendered. Clients may cancel a monthly subscription minus outstanding lab fees or fees for services rendered or products received.

Annual Subscriptions

  • If you choose an annual plan, you are entering into a one-year subscription contract that expires 12 months after signup. You may cancel within 10 days of the purchase date if no services have been rendered.
Transfer of Services
All services are non-transferable unless explicitly stated within the product details.


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